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New Australian Flag Designs - New Australian Flag Designs

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New Australian Flag Designs

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Manager: noooool
New Australian Flag Designs

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New Flag Proposals for Australia and New Zealand
New Flag designs for Australia and New Zealand as designed by Graeme King
New Australian Flags
These pages contain designs by Brendan Jones for a new Australian national flag and new State flags. You can also vote for or against the designs online!
A New Flag for Australia: Some Suggestions
As the constitutional links between Australia and Britain have been whittled away throughout the 20th century, many question the validity of the Union Flag's presence. This website has a few suggestions on what a new flag could be like - ensigns included.
A New Design for a Future Australian Flag
A popular, simple, refreshing design that is easy to draw and complements the Canadian flag. It is also Web and ASCII friendly.

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New Australian Flag Designs

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