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A Fairy Ring - In European folklore, a fairy ring (usually a circle of mushrooms, but other naturally occuring circles may also be fair

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A Fairy Ring

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Manager: alicorna
In European folklore, a "fairy ring" (usually a circle of mushrooms, but other naturally occuring circles may also be fairy rings in some circumstances) is a gateway into the Fairy Kingdom. Stepping into one may transport a mortal to that land, and sometimes fae folk may be seen dancing and playing near the portal...

This fairy ring, although somewhat more technological than magickal, is a collection of sites that include faerie/fairy apdoptions, fairy poetry, prose, and lore, sites with faerie images and art, and many other sites about fairies in general.




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Amethyst's Fae Enchantment
My fascination, obsession and enchantment of the Fae, I believe!! Please feel free to stroll around my site! I would appreciate it if you'd take a moment to add your site to my Free For All Link page and sign my guestbook!! I've been updating and have just added pages devoted to Amy Brown, The Frouds and my fave movie, Labyrinth!! Take a moment to send a "Labyrinth" Postcard!
Moon Willow Fairy's Home
A simple fairy site from 'da Magic Glade.
The Enchanted Fairy Forest
This is my personal site with stuff bout me & things that I enjoy. I have lots of faery art & fantasy art on my pages. I have lots of pitures I made with psp tubes & some I created all on my own. I have pages of funny e-mails & poems, & so much more to see.
The band Lethargic, punk silents dollmaker featuring guys and girls, my punk dolls, artwork, poetry and poetry submissions, and quizzes!
Whispering Willows
Whispering Willows is a mystical land where magic lives. It lives among the fae in the Glenn, amidst the creatures of the meadows, valleys and mountains. The magic of the Willows can be felt throughout our land, if only you believe.

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A Fairy Ring

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