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Mystara - This is the first and only Mystara ring! It deals with Mystara, the first D&D campaign world created, also called the Kn

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Manager: theodora_maffat
This is the first and only Mystara ring! It deals with Mystara, the first D&D campaign world created, also called the Known World. It's a ring made of Mystara, D&D and AD&D related webpages and open to anyone who wants to add information to develop our favourite fantasy world. Mystara deals also with Blackmoor, the first adventure module ever published by Dave Arneson, and with Red Steel (the Savage Coast campaign west of the Known World).

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   Paparazzi Glantri Preview Go
Rumors, gossip, intrigues, secrets, and scandals about the Principalities of Glantri
   Mystara selon Tharquil Preview Go
Site portant sur le monde de Mystara, et tout particulièrement sur les Gazetteers.
   Dungeons & Dragons - The Threshold Party Homepage Preview Go
A site dedicated to an ongoing campaign of classic Dungeons & Dragons (OD&D) set in the TSR's original Mystara setting.

   The Mystara Resource Trove Preview Go
A collection of resources for OD&D and Mystara
   Arcanum of Mystara Preview Go
Revealing some of the mysterious ways concerning the ancient world of Mystara.
   Mystara Campaigns Preview Go
This website is dedicated to the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game, specifically the MYSTARA campaign setting. In this site you will find a synopsis of the game's rules, including personal modifications and my own house rules; brief descriptions of the game world's regions, to include the HOLLOW WORLD and SAVAGE COAST settings; and the Campaign Journal of one of my favorite adventurin
   Mystara´s Map Navigator Preview Go
A project to make a huge map of Mystara
   Mystara Italian Homepage Preview Go
A nice site full of information and rules detailing Mystara and other TSR worlds, completely written in Italian!
   The Boldavian Prince Preview Go
A D&D site, dedicated to the world of Mystara. Non-Canon material by Ohad Shaham. Home to the Deepreach gazeteer and lots more.
   Herve's Mystara Page Preview Go
Herves Homepage, including material written for use in the world of Mystara (the world of Dungeons and Dragons) and links to similar resources.

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