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Paleo Sites WebRing - This webring is a collection of websites that feature Paleontology and Fossils, Paleoanthropology, Prehistoric Archeolog

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Paleo Sites WebRing

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Manager: tpcec
This webring is a collection of websites that feature Paleontology and Fossils, Paleoanthropology, Prehistoric Archeology, Evolutionary Biology, and related subjects including Paleobotany, Biostratigraphy, and Paleoecology, and sites that take you on a ride through the past and learn how life as we know it came to be and what it looked like.




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   Evolution and the long path of Knowledge Preview Go
Darwin explains 'Evolution' as well as the behavior of the Earth worm in two brilliant books put together using the science of observation and brilliant insight
   The Metropolitan Museum of Mesozoic Memorabilia Preview Go
This page describes my collection of paleo-related children's books, historical documents, science fiction, paper american, museum guides, art, sculpture, and antique toys. This collection has grown so large that my friends now call it the Metropolitan Museum of Mesozoic Memorabilia. According t
   The Raptor's Lair Preview Go
This site is totally devoted to Velociraptors and includes my many sketches - both partial body and full body. They are my own original artwork and are no re-creations.

   The Riversleigh Society Preview Go
The Riversleigh Society is a non-profit organisation that supports research and public promotion of Australasian palaeontological science.
   Gainesville's Creek Fossils Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Gainesville's Creek Fossils
   Ravin' Ray's Home Preview Go
Info about pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, creation and evolution, and others to come
   Evolutionary Philosophy Preview Go
A directory of links relating to the philosophical implications of the theory of evolution
   Dinosaurs Preview Go
My site includes info and facts about dinosaurs. It is always being updated. There are links to other informative sites, and some fun things.
   Dinosurf.com Preview Go
Dinosaur site directory with links for research, museums, kids sites, image galleries, digs, homepages, and timelines. .
   Jompa´s homepage: the trilobite box Preview Go
The Jompa´s (my nickname) hompage has 4 "boxes". The Art box, the Music box, Suzanne´s (my wife´s) Garden and the Trilobite box, which contains some photos of mostly Cambrian Swedish trilobites and photos from the last "Friends of the Alum Shale" meeting.

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