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Ancient Egypt Online - Untitled document This ring has sites containing information on Egyptian ancient history, arts, and cultures, religions

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Ancient Egypt Online

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This ring has sites containing information on Egyptian ancient history, arts, and cultures, religions or studies, histories, as well as those things which were of interest in that era. The sites are based upon many aspects of Egypts ancient culture, i.e. rune reading, hieroglyphs, political history, cultural history, aspects of life, mythology, and other ancient egyptian texts.


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   The Cat Goddess Bast Preview Go
My site features information on the Egyptian cat goddess Bast (Bastet).
   Kemet - Die Zeitschrift für Ägyptenfreunde Preview Go
Die populaerwissenschaftliche Zeitschrift ueber Aegypten in deutscher Sprache The popular-science journal on Egypt in German
   Ancient Egyptian Inscribed Tablets Preview 1 review(s) — Go
If you are interested in hieroglyphs this site contains authentic Egyptian tombstones. Click on them to get the translation and a brief commentary.

   Stamps of Egypt Preview 2 review(s) — Go
This site aims to show all of Egypt's stamps.
   The Narmer Plate is a Sky Chart Preview 1 review(s) — Go
The Narmer Plate is dated by Egyptologists to 3100BC and explained by them as representing the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. In reality the Narmer Plate is a sky chart commemorating the Dawn of the Age of Taurus in the Precession of the Equinoxes.
   Pork, the Suggested Cause of Multiple Sclerosis Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Proposes that Ancient Egyptian food laws which were inherited by the Jews, were rejected by the early Christian Church ... with the consequence that Pork is the possible cause of MS.
   Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations Preview Go
Ancient sky maps and relics show that Ancient Egyptians mapped the constellations. Sky chart 14000BC is blueprint for Giza. Sacred knowledge of Precession encoded into mythology and the Narmer Plate.
   The Celestial Sphinx Preview Go
The recently discovered Constellation of The Celestial Sphinx, which dominated the skies in 14000BC, is the blueprint for the Sphinx at Giza.
   Old Kingdom Studies Preview Go
Dedicated to research into the Old Kingdom of Egypt. Showcases the work of independent Egyptologist, Gaye Wilson PhD.
   Ancient Egypt Fan Preview Go
All aspects of Ancient Egypt and all the latest news from the Egyptological Society of Ireland (ESI)

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